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Matt & Tracy                   Angus-Hammond

Bloggers, afroptimists & explorers

We are passionate African travellers who have always been excited and inspired by the energy we have felt and the people we have met around this incredible continent we are proud to call home. Back in 2013, after years of planning, we set out on an epic expedition to cross Africa by road from Tsitsikamma in South Africa to Tataouine in Tunisia, crossing the continent from south to north and also from east to west. After an amazing journey through 10 countries in southern and eastern Africa, planting food gardens in every country, we managed to cross the Congo from east to west, but only just. After three weeks floating down to Congo river on a commercial barge, having run out of food and water, Matt came down with cerebral malaria so severe that we needed to be rescued off the river. After recuperating in Kinshasa we decided to halt the journey and returned to Johannesburg in April 2014 to build up our health and resources. Since then we have continued our adventures by travelling in the countries we bypassed on our original expedition, such as Zimbabwe and (next up) Botswana. One day we will complete the T2T, but until then there are so many incredible places to see, inspiring people to meet and many more food gardens to plant.


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