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We're incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to live, travel and work all over the continent and so we know that Africa is an immense, diverse continent that is so much more than the media portrays, even as the continent's image is improving. The problem with the Africa Rising narrative is that it sterotypes as much as the opposite view does and so both are equally harmful. That's why we think it's much more important to #seeafricadifferently, recognise it's size and diversity and put away any sterotypes to accurately examine each individual country. It is only when the reality of each country is acknowledged and embraced will we be able to start making real progress, and even better leverging off and learning fom each other's progress. Rwanda & Ethiopia, both resource poor countries, have still had impressive economic growth for over a decade. Uganda's community conservation programmes around the gorillas have completely changed the dynamic locally and the community and gorillas are thriving. The lessons we could and should be learning from each other are endless, and it's time we start to acknowledge that.   


We've found the need to #seeafricadifferently sadly as true for Africans, as non-Africans, and especially in South Africa, there is a need to acknowledge not only the diversity but value that the continent's 54 countries have to offer. Afropesimism starts at home, but so can starting to #seeafricadifferently, in fact we're convinced that it has to.


We hope to help change the way Africans and non-Africans travel, work and invest in Africa as this continent transforms itself from the “dark” continent into the continent of hope.Our plan is to do so by highlighting the unique characteristics of each country we visit, the innovation and resourcefulness of the people we meet along the way, challenging the false perception that Africa is one country and yes also showing another more positive side of Africa than usually featured in the media but primarily on a country level, as all such statistics should be looked at.

Join the campaign - we need all the voices we can gather and to make it especially easy we have added lots of tweetable facts that should encourage your network to start to #seeafricadifferently. Have a story to share? Please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you! 



From waterless washing to lion conserving solar lights, this blog is bound to leave you feeling more positive about the continent! More


Ethiopia's economy has grown 10.9% per annum 2004-2014

Nigerian Jelani Aliyu is credited with designing GM's Chevrolet Volt

Life expectancy in Malawi increased from 45 years in 2002 to 63 years in 2014

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