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A simple (but effective) approach to encouraging tourism

The potential contribution of tourism to a country’s economy has been recognised across the globe and with this has come an ever increasing number of campaigns, initiatives and promotions to encourage both international and domestic tourism. While we were in Nairobi (Kenya) we had the opportunity to meet two inspiring individuals who, interested in promoting domestic tourism, started an organisation that has had massive success in achieving just this. What I like best about their approach is its simplicity: They wanted people to travel and so just organised this travel, offering it to anyone interested at cost price. And it’s worked! In 2009 Road Trip (KE) organised 4 trips a year and had an attendance of around 10 people per trip, fast forward to 2014 and they’re organising 10 trips a year with 50 people per trip – and more would attend if logistics allowed!

Evans Muriu and Stephen Musyoka are incredibly busy guys, not only with their hands in several successful business but they are also founders of other community projects such as the Wanadamu initiative, a database for willing blood donors, and raising funds to buy sanitary towels for girls from poor communities. Despite this they manage to find the time to organise these trips, and do so in terms of every detail: the transport, accommodation, meals and even itinerary and entertainment. And they do all of this organising without making a cent for themselves. They simply negotiate the best group rate possible, hire the transport and then pass on these costs as is to their ever-growing number of members. Best of all they allow members to pay for their trips in instalments and make this process quick and easy by having an M-PESA account. Pretty cool huh?

Road Trip (KE) has travelled all over Kenya from Mombasa to Nakuru and even neighbouring country Tanzania. Sometimes they stay in hotels, other times they camp and all in all they showcase every aspect that travel in Kenya has to offer. They have even organised trips to the Rugby 7s tournaments to support the very successful national team. The members have become more than travel mates but firm friends too and after spending just a few hours with these wonderful folks it’s easy to see why the organisation keeps growing. They have so much fun together! Evans and Stephen have managed to find the perfect balance between organisation and fun, ensuring no trip is simply a party but that the party itself is always worth attending regardless.

If you live in Kenya check out their next trip which will be an overland adventure to the Rhino Charge this weekend (31 May to 2 June). The Rhino charge is Kenya’s premier off-road motor sport competition which takes place in 100km² of rough terrain, over 10 hours and has no set route. The winner is the 4x4 that reaches the most checkpoints in the shortest distance. By joining the Road Trip (KE) crew you’ll get to enjoy this thrilling event with none of the hassle and double the fun! Best of all you’ll get to meet Evans and Stephen, two intriguing characters setting an example to us all.

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